Profitability analytics for online sellers.

Your favourite marketplaces, websites and ad sources all in the same place, at the same time. Giving you instant, transparent access to how much you really made.

  • Profits, Margins & Forecasts
  • Expenses & Costs
  • Link all Ad accounts
  • FBA & Warehouse Stock
  • FBA, FBM, PL, Dropship & Resellers
  • GDPR & Data Integrity Safe
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WhatSales connects all your selling accounts into one platform for you to monitor accurately & instantly.  

Agency & Web Dashboard coming soon.

So you sell on multiple marketplaces, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others, and you have a website, probably on Shopify or Woo, and your running facebook ads and sometimes google ads - sound like you? Then great, you've come to the right place.

Whether its just one marketplace, or all of them. We have perfected our algorithms and made them geek-free. Connect today, Sync, and be in the know as soon as.

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and ad sources in one place

What would it mean to know how much you made across all platforms, minus all costs, ads, refunds and taxes -
right now? 

See all your numbers in a non intrusive layout, see what matters the most to YOU, how much you made, sold, spent, how much stock you have left and how much your most likely to make. Instantly. On any device.

FBA, FBM, Dropshipping, Reseller, Affiliate, Own Label, Whatever seller you are, monitor everything at WhatSales

No more spending hours every month going through business reports and creating excel sheets, instantly import data from all marketplaces, websites and ad sources and let WhatSales do the number crunching

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

Mobile Friendly

Your data made mobile, fully responsive and adaptable to your screen type always Make your data move around you.

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

Big Data made Bite Size

The complex of data and formulas made super simple and churned out in easy to read formats. No degrees required

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

Measurable Data

From the amount of sales to frequency, profit and loss amounts and pin pointing to where the losses are occuring from

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

Nerd Enabled

A whole team full of data experts, programming gurus and actual sellers who understand the pains of other sellers

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

Robust Teamwork

We have taken over 10 years of our own learning and deployed into the framework built around the seller

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

Business Statistics

Data is everything, and we'll show you how to make better, more informed decisions about every aspect

Help us grow, Advantage you.

As budding entrepeneurs we are working hard and fast, long hours, servers, security, infrastructure so we decided to launch our initial offering to everyone at a knock down price barely enough to keep the lights on so everyone can enjoy Data They Need Instantly. 

This helps us in growing faster to bring you better services, and helps you in getting everything, for nearly Free.

Join us in Beta, take advantage of all the services absolutely
FREE for 1 Month, and after that only $19.99 per month for the entire duration of Beta testing (around 4-6 Months!)

Everything in BETA

$19.99/Per Month

All the data there is!
Amazon & eBay (all regions)
eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Jet
Wish, cDiscount
Website made with Woo / Shopify / Magento / Presta
Facebook Ads + Google Ads
Unlimited Orders, Unlimited SKUs, Shipments & Payments.
1 User Account (App + Web)

You're popular questions

We are just starting out, so our first launch phase is called Beta. 

During this phase we are opening all our connectivity for users to help us grow with your valuable feedback and in return we are offering all our services at one extremely low price, and free for 30 days.

Right now you can connect all your Amazon, eBay, Shopify and WOO platforms / marketplaces and as we grow we will be adding lots more. 

If you have a specific requirement please contact us through the website.


We are based in the UK, using European Tier 1 Services and fully compliant with GDPR policies, Data Integrity policies and above all operate under a tight security protocol.

Your data is accessed via an OTP code generated to your authorised email account so you can see your data.

We only collect and present your data to you and at a broad level compile data for survey.

Your data is never used, sold or mis used.

We only use your data to compile and present back to you.

Other than that we survey to bring you more relevant features and services based around your metrics.

Depends on the amount of your content, normally for an account with around 5000 listings can take 4-6 hours to compile.

You will be notified as soon as your data is ready to view on your app.

We are adding new Marketplaces, Website platforms and ad sources all the time, if you have a specific request then please contact us through the website.

As we grow we will enable more users and features to WhatSales, right now it is one user per account. Join our mailing list and we will keep you up to date automatically with User preferences.

Absolutely, we are available to help you get set up, any issues and to hear your recommendations and other queries. 

Please use our website to contact us via chat, email or enquiry form.

Your Data, Private to YOU, And Never Ever Shared

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Compliant to the highest degree. We take Data security and privacy very seriously and adhere to the highest conformity standards worldwide.

We only use Tier 1, High Security for our Data Servers with the highest level of encryption enabled on every account. Your data is secure always, and never shared.

Never shared, never sold, only connected to your accounts and only visible by you. We take your privacy seriously and ensure security at every level.

For Sellers, by Sellers.
Helping entrepeneurs to be More.

Selling across multi-channels or just one channel, driving traffic through multi-sources, just became easy to manage. Thats WhatSales.

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

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