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All we wanted to know was, how much did we actually make?

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

With clarity, comes better decision making and opportunities for profit.

Hi, Welcome to WhatSales. My name is Rashad Hussain, Founder here at WhatSales. After over a decade working in the Financial Capital Markets I made a drastic move into selling products online, this led to a few offline ventures with retail products supplying Tier 1 Retailers across the world, dabbling in production, manufacturing, brand building – and during all of this journey, there was one thing that always ate at me – How much did I make? Its such a simple thing when you think about it, but as a Marketplace seller you’ll understand that often what you sold is NOT what you made, and not until the money has hit the bank do you truly know how much you really made….

Enough of this, surely there has to be a simpler way, there wasn’t, there isn’t – so I set about changing that. Since 2018 I geared together a team of highly skilled, red bull gunking, coffee developers, designers, really clever and brainy people who could bring my vision to life – to tell a seller a simple fact, no matter what time of day it was, no matter where they are selling, just tell me in plain english – How much did I make.

We did it, we simplified this Einstein-ion madness into a simple easy to use Dashboard and Mobile Apps, so now, no matter where you are, or where you are selling, you’ll know. 

Whether you are single product seller or selling thousands of lines, whether its just Amazon or multiple marketplaces, driving traffic from Facebook, Google, YouTube. Multiple warehouses, no problem. Connect to WhatSales, it will take a few minutes setting up, and after that, let the clever tech tell you where you stand so you can make better informed decisions about your business and do what you set out to do. Make Money. Simple.

From me, my team, good luck with your entrepeneurial journey. Thank you for making us a part of your success. Wishing you many “ka-chings” (you’ll know what I mean when you get connected) If there’s anything we can do to support then give us a shout, we’d love to hear from you!

Rashad Hussain
Founder & CEO
WhatSales.io & WorxDesk

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

In the beginning, all we wanted was to know how much we really sold - and made.

We're sellers too, so we had a dilemma, we bought at $2.80, and sold at $14.99, and spent around $2 on advertising, so effectively, that should have given us $14.99 - $2.80 - $2 = $10.19, right?


$10.19 - 25% in listing fee, and then based on around 50 listings, thats a further $1.30 per listing subscription fee, but wait, there was 20% VAT (UK Tax), and hang on, there was the actual sending into Amazon fee by UPS. Wait, wait, there was the labelling fee, ok wait, I bought in UK Pounds and Selling in USD...

You get the picture. So we had enough of the calculations, we were spending more time calculating rather than optimising and selling, and that had to stop. In short, we wasn't working on a 45% margin, we were working on more like a 19% Net Margin, and now because we knew that, we could structure our buying and selling, optimising and advertising in a way that we would actually earn money instead of 'investing in the future'. Sound like you? Sign up and get rid of the headache.

it shouldn't be this hard to know what you earnt

Lots of developers, architects, integration specialists, coffees, energy drinks, and we finally cracked it. We mastered 1 + 1 = 2

Mobile Friendly

Get date in the palm of your hands, on the go - any time.

Tools Specific

Get data that really means something instead of fluff

Custom Notifications

Sales, refunds, things going right to things going wrong

Be a Champion

Know your business inside out, and act accordingly

WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place
WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place
WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place

Be informed, know everything.

Every sellers reality is different, from their buying to their selling, you need to be aware of the environment to manouvre better, we'll help you in that journey

Custom Reporting

Daily, Weekly & Montly auto reporting for you, your book keepers and more, no more manual work.

Rich user-interface

Easy to use and navigate platform and app, designed around you, get started today with your free trial

Confidence comes when you know

If you could see how a ad campaign was behaving, or your rate of sale, you would have the confidence to make better decisions


Sign up, connect your stores and marketplaces


Let WhatSales pull the data using our smart algorithms and get to work


You're done, no more maths, only better selling

We're on a mission to get sellers selling better, all over the world

We love marketplaces, they are great, websites too – and we can’t forget ad sources, but sometimes we get carried away in trying to win that sale that we lose sight of how much we spent in order to get those sales – and many a time, the marketplaces just love that 🙂

Our aim, to help you sell better. If you have clarity with all your numbers and know your true profitability and where it comes from – and what drives it, you’ll sell more – and earn more.

Get connected, be smart, know your numbers

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WhatSales.io - all your marketplaces, websites and adsources in one place