Over the past few years, Amazon has witnessed a great surge in the influx of new sellers in the online marketplace platforms. According to estimates, almost 4000 new sellers are joining Amazon as a marketplace platform for worldwide business.

In the United Kingdom, United States, and India, the business activities are now on the rise and people are now involved more and more in spreading their business outside their home country to the world. Almost half of all the new sellers which are joining Amazon as an online marketplace belong to these three countries.

A breakdown of new sellers shows over a million joined the US marketplace, followed by India with 400,000 new sellers and the UK with around 300,000 new sellers. Recently, Amazon is now operating over 16 different marketplaces in the world, including in countries like U.K., Canada, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Japan, India, US, Germany, Mexico, and Australia.

Current Amazon Seller stats

  • Currently, the eCommerce giant has 12 different marketplaces in such as U.K., Canada, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Japan, India, US, Germany, Mexico, and Australia.
  • The Sellers on Amazon places are largely benefiting as the overall product sales on Amazon recently. In 2016, the sales were around $95 billion, and now it has significantly increased 25% to $120 billion.
  • Over 5 million sellers on Amazon are carrying out eCommerce across all Amazon marketplaces.
  • 1,761,780 sellers with product listing on Amazon.
  • A large number of Amazon sellers are based in the big Cities of China or the neighboring Hong Kong.
  • China shares almost 25% of the Amazon marketplace in terms of proportion of sellers.
  • Amazon FBA has also witnessed a significant increase in usage as almost half of the top sellers on Amazon are now using FBA and billions of items are now being shipped worldwide.

How Can WhatSales Help Sellers to gain Competitive Advantage?

As Amazon hits a seller’s bank account with deposits almost every two weeks, the small business owners, and even hired employees of a firm often record those deposits as sales. This is just one of the unfortunate accounting problems faced by sellers and small-scale companies which lead to poor sales data. In reality, a seller’s deposit includes more than just the sales. It includes all the other activities such as FBA fees, Warehouse fees, shipping fees, returns, sales tax, and chargebacks as well. 

Solving such issues can be complex, but with Whatsales the process has now become extremely easy and accessible for all business and individual sellers around the world. With a strong system of data analytics, Whatsales automates the process of accounting for your business, making your life easy and productive on all marketplaces.