In order to truly understand the working of Amazon, one must understand the Amazon Algorithm which takes various factors into consideration whilst the product ranking determination process. These following factors are known as “A9 Direct Factors” at WhatSales.

How Can We Truly Understand the Amazon Algorithm?

Text Match Relevancy or Amazon SEO

One of the most important factors is the Amazon SEO, also known as Text Match Relevancy, which depends upon the product listings and their content, from the product titles to backend terms. If a product has enough Text Match Relevancy with the right optimization, then it can elevate product presence on the ASERP (Amazon Search Engine Results Page). This article shall enlighten you with all the specific instructions for strong Listing Optimization.

Sales History and Performance

It may be discouraging for the beginners and startups, but it is an established factor that products with strong sales history and performance have a higher chance to rank in the Amazon’s Algorithm. However, with the latest advancements in technology and communication, this is not an excruciating task anymore. Outsourcing agencies provides you with that significant edge to build your brand from scratch. This allows you to manage your time effectively without worrying about your sales and performance.

Availability of Stock

Another important factor in Amazon’s A9 Ranking Algorithm is the availability of stock. The in-stock history is considered by Amazon while evaluating the ranking of a product leading to either high or low ranking.

Overall Product Price

The price of the product also plays a role in Amazon Algorithm as customers tend to prefer the products with reasonable and cheap rates as compared to the expensive ones. This customer tendency attracts more traffic to the low-cost products and hence, these products are ranked higher.

Other than these factors, there are various other have which have an indirect effect on Amazon Algorithm and hence, WhatSales has termed them as “A9 Indirect Factors”. These factors are as follows:

  • Fulfillment Method
  • Reviews (review numbers and overall score)
  • Images 
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • EBC / A+ Content

How to Optimize Your Listings: The Most Important Factors.

In order to rank your product on Amazon, it is highly recommended to have these 4 factors perfectly sorted, with preference given in the order mentioned below.

  1. Product Titles
  2. Product Features (e.g. Bullet Points)
  3. Product Descriptions
  4. Backend Keywords/ Search Terms

These are all considered to be the most important features of a listings which must be optimized according to the best SEO strategy. However, the aforementioned Amazon Algorithm is essentially important to understand in order to properly optimize your products listings on Amazon as well as ranking on various other online platforms too.