Updating product listings is a simple process for business with few products as they can easily use Amazon’s interface for upgradation. However, the sellers with a large number of products may find it as a difficult and time-consuming operation.

This guide will provide you with the essential steps to keep your feed updated.

Step-by-Step Process to List Unique Items

Before you start off with the process, you first have to download the Inventory File Template which is actually just an Excel Document which incorporates a number of columns for listing products and even further describing them. You can download the Template by clicking on this link


You first have to save a file on your hard drive as an Excel Worksheet and then enter the data of the product into the Template tab.


For keeping reference, you have to print the Data Definitions which can then be used to fill out Template Tab as it encompasses the acceptable values. Moreover, this Data Definitions tab can also be used for the indication of a field being optional, required, or preferred.


As mentioned in the aforementioned Data Definitions tab, there are some fields which require terms to be used from acceptable values tab which are used for categorization and product discoverability as they are focused on certain product features and traits. You can hence use valid codes from Browse Tree Guide which align with the cell requirement. You can download BTG as a separate Excel File.


Check out the Amazon image standards from the Image Info tab and make sure that your pictures conform to the prescribed standards.


You now have to save the inventory file and the Template Tab after you finish data entering. You have to save Template Tab as a .txt file, and this will serve as your inventory file which will be uploaded through your seller account’s Upload Products & Inventory tool.


In the end, you have to simultaneously upload the file on Amazon and validate your data via the “Upload File” toolbar button on Amazon.

After this, your data with be automatically validated even before your offers are uploaded on the website, and your job is done in a simple manner.