As Amazon hits a seller’s bank account with a deposit every two weeks, Small business owners and even hired bookkeepers, will often record those deposits as sales. Unfortunately, this is one of the big problems that sellers face as it leads to poor sales data.

Your deposit includes not only your sales but also all other activity that happens on your Amazon seller account such as FBA fees, shipping fees, warehouse fees, sales tax, returns, and charge backs. Yeah, thanks for making this so difficult Amazon! If you are using Amazon for shipping and warehousing, there can be 30+ activities going on. In addition, the deposit that hits your bank account does not account for when all the separate activity took place. You will only see the net deposit on the date that you receive that deposit.

As Amazon hits a sellers bank account with deposits almost every two weeks, the small business owners, and even hired employees of a firm often record those deposits as sales. This is just one of the unfortunate accounting problems faced by sellers and small-scale companies which lead to poor sales data. 

In reality, a seller’s deposit includes more than just the sales. It includes all the other activities such as FBA fees, Warehouse fees, shipping fees, returns, sales tax, and chargebacks as well. 

Solving such issues can be complex, but with Whatsales the process has now become extremely easy and accessible for all business and individual sellers around the world. With a strong system of data analytics, Whatsales automates the process of accounting for your business, making your life easy and productive on all marketplaces. 

b.       Multiple platforms

Another major problem faced by sellers is managing Multi-channel selling. This means that in order to survive and grow in the online eCommerce race, individuals as well as companies look to sell their products and services through multiple channels. 

For instance, a screen protector manufacturing company such as Shark Proof™ has its own webstore, but it still markets and sells the Shark Proof Liquid screen protector on multiple online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart etc. 

However, it becomes an excruciating task to manage and audit the seller’s account on so many online marketplaces, leading to inefficiency and decline in growth rates. 

Nevertheless, with Whatsales, an individual can easily manage their accounts on multiple platforms with proper inventory management, order fulfilment, and multi-channel marketing whilst we provide you with a clear vision and take care of your accounts and numbers. 

c.       Inventory

Little things like overselling and underselling hurt your brand’s image. Having to write an email along the lines of “sorry, but we don’t actually have what you bought” isn’t a good way to spend your day, either.

Thankfully, Whatsales has the solution for you with a software that can update your inventory in real time. Our solution can operate 24/7 and keep all inventory numbers up to date.

This means that you can now spend less time tabbing between the web store and eBay to update stock numbers, and more time being innovative elsewhere.