Eligibility on Amazon Prime :

If you choose to ship your products through FBA, your products become automatically eligible and qualified for the Prime benefits on Amazon including the free two-shipping benefit on Amazon Prime, with an increasing chance to win the Buy Box as well. This allows you to associate your products with Amazon and sell off comparatively more inventory.

Simplified fulfillment :

With FBA, one can focus on managing other important business endeavors with out being overly concerned about fulfilling the orders. The overall process is simplified system of Hands-off packing and then shipping to the desired destination. Moreover, the inventory is safely stored in Amazon’s warehouses and you do not need to have thousands of units dispersed in your home or living space.

Fulfillment by Multi-channels:

This is considered to be an all-round service provision by Amazon as FBA can be integrated easily with other channels as well. Whenever products would sell on your website or other eCommerce platforms, Amazon will store your inventory and after picking and packing, it will send them to your customers. This makes FBA a tremendously fast and trusted shipping service, and you can easily save your time and focus on your business growth.

Buy Box Benefits:

Buy Box tool is used in order to lead customers on Amazon to your product listing. With a strong Call to Action (CTA), it includes the price, “Add to Cart” button and shipping information. Amid multiple sellers, one seller would “win” a Buy Box purchase, and the rest of the sellers can be found underneath the Buy Box. It holds massive importance as 82% of the buyers on Amazon prefer to buy through the Buy Box as opposed to the section of “Other Sellers”. Therefore, it is crucial for sellers to win this Buy Box as it greatly increases the likelihood to get the purchases. Various factors such as customer response timing, defect rate, and seller rating etc., play an important role in determining who wins the Buy Box. However, the biggest factor is considered to be the overall method of fulfillment, as the ones selling on FBA have a much greater chance of winning a Buy Box even with relatively higher prices than FBM.

Lesser rates of Shipping:

As Amazon is considered as the world’s biggest online retailer, it provides seller with a plethora of shipping discounts. And the depending on the weight and size, the overall fee related to the FBA selling is also low as compared to fulfilling orders yourself. For example, in order to ship a toaster weighing 4 pounds to New York from San Francisco through the USPS, the cost would be over $20, and it would take 2 day. However, with Amazon, the entire process is taken care off and Amazon handles the shipment from its warehouses at cheap rates.