A large number of sellers on Online Market Places are working to secure a strong position on Amazon with a plethora of techniques and strategies. However, one must realize that is not an easy task as generating sales requires consistency and determination. If was easy, everybody would have done it; but in reality, it is time-consuming and requires your sincere efforts.

In this article one special aspect of eCommerce is mentioned without which majority of the products on Amazon would not sell.

According to our Experts at Whatsales, that one aspect is known as Persuasive Copy. This is not a tool or anything similar, but it is actually a copy. Think of it in a manner when a customer lands on your webpage through your SEO, Ads, or affiliate marketing, they observe the product but then they don’t see anything further.

Sellers on Online Market Places must realize that only a few sentences or pictures will not encourage customers to buy. Therefore over 98% of the visitors do not convert into sales. This means that persuasive copy enables you to interact with customers, which is traditionally seen in the mainstream shops where salesperson is always available to interact with the customers. The aim of the salesperson is to help and guide customers in purchasing the product.

In the eCommerce industry, this aspect is fulfilled by the persuasive content available on the websites including different news, blogs, guides, and articles. This is where the persuasive copy should be so persuasive that it compels the customer to not just buy your products but also to forward your content family and friends which can exponentially grow your business and sales.

So now that you are aware of what a persuasive copy is, lets go over a few aspects of this so that your copy and content is truly persuasive.

Enumerate the Benefits

Firstly, you have to enumerate the major benefits of the products. You have to focus on customer needs and potential problems which can be solved by your product. For example, if you are selling toilet paper, a potential solution would be that it is an Ultra-Soft Toilet Paper which can save you from rough bum issues. If you get good reviews on this, you will definitely have more sales. Hence, you have to write about solution and benefits provided by your product.

Elucidate by Persuasive Images

In order to back your content, you must include informative yet persuasive graphics. Everyone knows that a picture can communicate thousand words and your pictures must do the same. It is imperative that you use professional images which exhibit your product and its benefits, eventually resulting in boosting up your conversions and sales.

Reviews on Online Market Places

The third important aspect about persuasive copy is the reviews. It is important to understand that the more people will be satisfied with your product they will definitely refer it to others as well. This, in essence, mean that it not only about you convincing people to buy your product but also other people also convincing their relatives and friends to buy it as well.